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Year 1 & Year 2

RE & PSHE response

WW Year 1 Spellings


Please read a range of books and texts with your child/ren for a minimum of 10 minutes per day. 

Pobble 365

Pobble 365 has a picture for every day of the year and questions/challenges to go alongside the picture that you can ask your child.


Please continue to read and practise phonics with your children daily. There are lots of good websites to help with this such as

Phonics Play is now free to use with username - march20  and password- home.

Year 1 - Phases 2-5

Year 2 - Phases 5 and beyond. Focusing on Phase 5d and beyond. 


There are also lots of fun activities you can do with your children in your house and garden such as the one in the pictures below. 

Physical Activities KS1 Friendly