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Leadership of Writing at Westwood Primary School.

Accountable: Mrs Lauraine Barnes and Mrs Kelly Hough

Responsible: Miss Beth Jones, Mr Andrew Rough


At Westwood, we love writing! Through carefully planned English units, our children develop into thoughtful readers and creative writers.


Each unit starts with a ‘cold write’ where we assess the children’s understanding of specific text type and each child receives individual targets to work on during the unit. We tailor our planning carefully to suit the needs of the children and they will be taught a range of grammar, sentence structure, word/vocabulary building and spelling skills and how to apply this to their writing. Each unit ends with a ‘hot write’ where they apply all of the skills they have learnt and are assessed against the toolkit for that text type as well as their individual targets.


During the year, the children will have the opportunity to study high quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry units, as can be seen in the example of planning below.

Our Writing Pillars