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Woodland Learning

Woodland Learning


Woodland Learning is an inspirational process that offers all learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in our woodland environment. 


Woodland Learning aims to promote the holistic development of all those involved, fostering resilient and creative learners. We are fortunate to have our own dedicated woodland area. Lessons enable our pupils to be independent, self-motivated, courageous and considerate. It sets them up for life-long learning and has environmental awareness at the heart of its ethos. Whilst in the woodland setting, learners participate in focussed activities, linked to Science, Art and Design, and survival skills such as orienteering. Each session ends with a word from the book ‘The Lost Words’ which is a collection of words relating to nature which are believed to be disappearing from the English Language.


The Woodland Learning programme supports children to develop responsibility for themselves and others. It encourages early risk management strategies that will ensure pupils start to consider the impact of their actions on themselves and on others. At Woodland School, we provide opportunities to encounter or create uncertainty, potential hazards and recognise acceptable levels of risk. 


A big part of the Woodland Learning philosophy is about being outdoors and experiencing the varied climate and different weather conditions. 


At Woodland School, we provide resources and support to help extend skills, develop physical and  emotional capacities as well as challenging ourselves in new ways. Through our provision of play, games, resources and focused activities we can develop children’s learning. The activities carried out with the girls from Nursery to Year 6 depend upon their developmental stage, experience, interests and curriculum topics studied.  Some of those activities might include:

• Building dens and other structures

• Natural crafts

• Using tools, such as knives and saws

• Scavenger hunts and adventure

• Woodland management and nature exploration

• Team building games

• Campfire building and cooking


All Woodland sessions are run by the class teachers and supported by the class TA.