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Please see below for staff roles and responsibilities.
Picture 1 Rae Aldous
Picture 2 Lauraine Barnes
Picture 3 Joshua Wilkes
Picture 4 Dawn Williams
Picture 5 Sarah Bayfield
Picture 6 Casey Gardener
Picture 7 Danielle Peasgood
Picture 8 Sophie Clark
Picture 9 Hannah Gee
Picture 10 Jemma Willeard
Picture 11 Gemma Hinton
Picture 12 Jacob Taylor
Picture 13 Amber Bircham
Picture 14 Amy Barrett
Picture 15 Kelly Dorward
Picture 16 Heidi Lark
Picture 17 Mary Corker
Picture 18 Sarah Eccleston
Picture 19 Maria Smith
Picture 20 Maria Patterson
Picture 21 Ruth Freeman
Picture 22 Karen Longthorne
Picture 23 Lyn Thompson
Picture 24 Diana Goodyear
Picture 25 Mel Robinson
Picture 26 Shirley Fairweather
Picture 27 Natalie Brinded
Picture 28 Christian Stent
Picture 29 Karen Peck
Picture 30 Linda Collins
Picture 31 Gemma Lark
Picture 32 Ruth Egan

Senior Team

Mrs Rae Aldous

Executive Headteacher

Mrs Lauraine Barnes

 Deputy Headteacher,

Mr Joshua Wilkes

Assistant Headteacher, KS2 Phase Leader


Mrs Sarah Bayfield SENDCo


Early Years

Mrs Kim Andrews

Pre-School & Nursery Teacher

Miss Emma Pointon

Reception Teacher (Part Time)

Mrs Danielle Peasgood

Reception Teacher (Part Time), EYFS Phase Leader

Mrs Sarah Eccleston Early Years Practitioner

Miss Siobhan Rough

Early Years Practitioner

Miss Rebecca Saunders

Early Years Practitioner

Miss Georgia Egan Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Casey Gardner

Trainee Teacher


Key Stage 1

Mrs Hannah Gee

Year 2 Teacher,  KS1 Lead

Miss Sophie Clark

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Gemma Lark HLTA




Ms Maria Bow

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Maria Patterson

Teaching Assistant

Miss Harriett Goldspink Teaching Assistant



Key Stage 2

Miss Jemma Willeard

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Gemma Hinton

Year 4 Teacher

Mr Jacob Taylor

Year 5 Teacher

Miss Amber Bircham

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Heidi Lark


Mrs Kelly Dorward


Mrs Amy Barrett


Mrs Ruth Freeman  

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Longthorne

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ruth Egan Teaching Assistant
Ms Lyn Thompson Teaching Assistant

Mrs Diana Goodyear

Teaching Assistant


Support Staff

Mrs Dawn Williams

Parent and Pupil Support Advisor

Mrs Melanie Robinson

Business Manager

Mrs Shirley Fairweather


Miss Natalie Brinded


Mr James Osborn

Site Manager

Mr David Stride Assistant Site Manager

Mr Christian Stent


Sports Coach


Mrs Karen Peck

Breakfast Club/Midday Supervisor/After School Club

Ms Tina Ryder

Breakfast Club/Midday Supervisor/Cleaner

Mrs Karen Longthorne

Lunchtime Teaching Assistant

Mrs Maria Patterson

Lunchtime Teaching Assistant

Mrs Kelly Dorward

Lunchtime Teaching Assistant

Ms Maria Smith

Lunchtime Teaching Assistant

Ms Lyn Thompson

Lunchtime Teaching Assistant/Cleaner

Mrs Lynda Collins

Miss Lydia Gallacher




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