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Year 6 visited EPA this afternoon as part of our transition work. We loved using the art room and we are very proud of our work!

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Check out this super learning! In Year 1 we have been tackling a DT challenge. The children had to design and plan a boat that would transport Goldilocks across the river from the Three Bear's cottage. To be successful the children had to follow a success criteria which they reviewed at each stage of the process.

Year 1 have had an extremely busy challenge led morning! Check out their amazing learning.

Examples of imagination and creativity

Dr Watson and Nurse Laird are looking forward to welcoming Year 5 parents/carers to our Family Cafe this afternoon

To complete our recent unit on games, the year 6 students have today been learning the rules to quidditch. Each team needed a seeker, beaters and chasers. Teams scored points by throwing the quaffle through the three hoops at apposing ends of the pitch. Children used their attacking and defending skills and had heaps of fun!!

Marvellous Maths in Year 1!Today we took our learning to the woods to help the birds solve some tricky maths problems. Posted around the woods were subtraction word problems that we had to solve. Luckily we had taken our maths tool boxes and used the natural resources to support our learning

Two more published poets!