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Year 3 have created a fantastic Hindu Mandir. This term the children across the school will be learning about a variety of faiths.

We have had the most beautiful morning in Year 1. As part of our learning for our topic 'Belonging' we held a mock wedding ceremony followed by a reception. We had the most amazing day.

Harvest Festival



The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Harvest festival at St. Mark’s Church, Oulton Broad. Once again we were lucky wit the weather walking to and from the church and we thank parents who assisted.


The singing was some of the best that we have had at Westwood and it was lovely to see our wonderful children standing bravely and proudly at the front of the church singing and dancing their hearts out.


Well done to our Year 6 children who compared the Festival and to those Year 6 children who composed and read such beautiful poems.


Thanks again for your donations and thank you to St. Mark’s for hosting us.

Take a look at the beautiful Rangoli patterns Year 3 created this afternoon during their Topic work on Hinduism

Hindu Art