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At Westwood Primary School we recognise the importance of our pupils acquiring a wide range of scientific enquiry skills, together with scientific knowledge. We are guided by the National Curriculum for Science (2014). The National curriculum for Science aims to ensure that all pupils: 


  • develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics
  • develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them
  • are equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future


Our Science Curriculum has been designed in order to meet these objectives. 


Science is also taught discretely to ensure coverage of all the key skills and knowledge,


Science lessons focus on developing scientific skills and children working as scientists.


We  intend for our children to have real life experiences and learn about science

in an active and creative way in order to develop the scientific enquiry skills alongside scientific knowledge. Links to History, Geography and other subject areas are also explored.


The planning of learning always begins with the skills and knowledge that needs to be taught and enrichment opportunities and opportunities to apply learning are carefully mapped.