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Pupil Voice

Westwood Primary School

Pupil Questionnaire Autumn Term 2019

175 responses from Reception – Year 6




Most of the time

% yes or most of the time

Some of the time


I enjoy school.



86% (150)



My school is a good school.







I feel safe when I am at school.







Lessons are interesting and fun.







The school teachers and staff are friendly and helpful.







The headteacher and staff do a good job.







Behaviour is good at my school.







Adults are interested in my views.







Pupil voice helps to improve the school.







I know how well I am doing.







Adults take time to help me improve.







The school is clean and tidy.







I have lots of fun at school.







I feel safe in the playground.







Following this questionnaire, children have taken part in class workshops focusing on:-

* I feel safe at school.

* Behaviour is good at my shcool

* Lessons are interesting and fun

* I feel safe on the playground


The above statements were chosen because they were the lowest scoring statements from the questionnaire returns. We feel it is important to understand the reasons these children felt these areas were less positive and to address any issues that may arise as a matter of urgency.

The sessions focused on WWW (What Went Well) and EBI (Even Better If). The children have been able to articulate both positive and negative reasons. The outcomes are below.


Year 3




Behaviour is good at my school

Behaviour is good because people go on gold and silver

Yes because we do fun work

Behaviour chart

Raffle tickets and behaviour system

Sometimes children fight

People need to be reminded of the rules everyday

People hide behind chairs

Some people misbehave and go to amber and start to mess about

I feel safe when I am at school

I feel safe when adults are there

The teachers keep me safe

We need more teachers

It can be scary on your own

I feel safe in the playground

Adults keep us safe

Children play sensibly

The playground is fun

Children are well behaved


I don’t always know where I am supposed to be

More teachers in the playground

People run too fast

We need safer surface to run on

I enjoy School

Lessons are interesting

I like my teacher

We learn lots of things

I enjoy learning and being creative

Learning new things

We make new friends

I enjoy lots of writing

More clubs at  lunchtime

More time on computer

Lessons are interesting and fun

Lessons are exciting

We learn lots of new things

We do lots of writing and it’s fun

We learn lots of different things and we get to create things

We hear lots of fun stories

It’s not fun enough

More making things

I don’t like maths

More P.E.

More acting
















Year 4




Behaviour is good at my school

People say nice things

We listen to teachers

Sometime behaviour is good

People care about school

People care about property

Teachers are kind and helpful

We have at least two chances

Because we care about our school

If we get more chances

Everyone to be good

Sometimes people say mean things

Make the classroom bigger so no one has to leave

People listen more

Sometimes people interrupt and I want to learn

Better behaviour at break

I feel safe when I am at school

People say nice things

The teachers are nice

There are teachers outside

Teachers support us

Teachers make sure I’m safe

Because there’s a  lollipop lady on the road

More teachers



I feel safe in the playground

People play nicely

People run slowly

Having Miss Thompson outside

There are lots of teachers around

I have lots of fun

Playing with my friends

Gate and fences

If we had more things to play with

More teachers outside

Having the head teachers out there

People stop fighting on the bridge

People run too fast

No one bullies each other

More staff on the playground

I enjoy School

I enjoy making new friends

We get to play

I enjoy the work


It is safe

I enjoy the learning

English lessons

Work is fun

I am happy

Teachers support us and are kind

Longer lessons

More lunchtime

If we can talk

More time to learn

To have more woodland

More PE

Lessons are interesting and fun

Teachers help us

Because we get to make things

We learn lots


Interactive lessons

Teachers make lessons fun and interesting

The teachers are nice

Longer PE

More time in lessons / more time to complete tasks

If we had more visitors

Harder challenges in Maths








Year 5




Behaviour is good at my school

Because we can get prizes

Having silver and gold

Staff are helpful and kind

We all listen and teamwork

Everyone is kind and polite

More equipment outside

More PE teachers at tournaments

If silly humour wasn’t tolerated

More discipline and consequences when children storm out

Sometime people hurt each other

I feel safe when I am at school

My friends help me

There are lots of cameras

Great teachers

Teachers make us feel safe

Tonnes of staff

The only gate that opens is the one that leads to the woods

Teachers are kind and careful

We have tall gates

Teachers help us

More adults outside on the playground

More opportunities for classes to come together and make friends

If the green gates were higher so no one could climb them


I feel safe in the playground

We have teachers to help us

There are things on the playground to play with

Tall fences

Adults tell us what to do if we are stuck

There are lots of staff

The playground is very secure


Put the gates higher so they can’t be climbed

There is trouble and fighting

Drinking fountains

More playground equipment

More teachers on duty

A toilet outside

More things to play on so it feels safer with more children doing things

I enjoy School

Good food

School has rules

The learning

Kind staff


I like singing in school

Everyone is kind to each other

Equipment is good

Lessons are fun and the teachers are the best

Learning about nature

It’s safe

Better desserts

More time /longer lessons

More playground equipment like a jungle gym

More story writing

Taller chairs in year 5/6

Longer break times

More interesting lessons

Year 5/6 to go to lunch first

Lessons are interesting and fun

Lessons are interesting because we find out new things

Maths because everyone gets involved

We have good teachers

Interactive activities

School is fun

Change seats

More moving around in lessons

Put in fun challenges


Swimming lessons

More technology


Showing us visually

More PE

Interactive whiteboard working better

More fun games

More lessons on the field



Year 6




Behaviour is good at my school

Good because we are kind

Friends and teachers are kind

Everyone is treated the same

Silver and gold

Most people are well behaved

There’s mostly good manners

People are polite

If the teachers were stricter

More teachers

Not so noisy in class

Less silly arguments about friendship

More exclusions / missing playtimes and lunchtimes

It could be better if teachers did better consequences than just saying sorry

If teachers told children off and called their parents

I feel safe when I am at school

Having a fire safety door

Cameras so that no one can break in

There is lots of fences and adults outside

The teachers protect us

The gates are around the school

There are teachers if bad things happen



People sometimes get bullied so more consequences needed for this

Children lie to teachers

Higher fences because children try to climb them

More adults

Some children hurt your feelings

Stop fighting in the playground

I feel safe in the playground

There are gates

You get fresh air

There are lots of adults outside

There are camera outside

My friends are always with me if I need them

Teachers deal with problems

More teachers/adults out there

People always fight

Less children out there

There is unkind children out there

Children that cause trouble should have punishments

Strangers can see me through the fence

Children get hurt

People should stay in if they misbehave

Higher gates and fences

I enjoy school


I get to learn

Monster maths

Teachers make you laugh

Maths & English

Learning new things and teamwork

When we are allowed to do fun stuff

Sometimes the lessons are fun

I don’t feel supported enough

Better behaviour

Less time at school

Children argue

I don’t feel safe

More fun lessons

We waste time

We miss a lot of break time and lunchtime

SRE makes me feel uncomfortable

If teachers were nicer to us

Lessons are interesting and fun

Lots of adults

Lessons are fun when children are good

You get to have fun and interact with objects

Things can be interesting

Doing science experiments

Learning new ideas

Teachers make it fun and interesting

Learning new things about the past

Fun activities

Everyone talks and we have to work in silence

Less chatting in lessons

More art

If children always behaved well

More drama

More partner work

I don’t think lessons are fun because you have to be quiet and don’t get help

If everyone listened

Group work

There’s wasted time

If we did it in a more fun way

If we did less work in books




School Council Ideas/Actions

Behaviour is good at my school

- Daily whole class reminders of the 3 rules

- Behaviour policy to be implemented consistently by all staff and consequences followed through e.g. missing some break or lunch.

- More staff to support behaviour at break/lunch

- Different consequences  for behaviour e.g. missing a club/tournament, no computer time etc.

I feel safe when I am at school/ in the playground

- New lunchtime club timetable to be displayed in the hall and all classrooms.

- Teachers to remind children of lunchtime options.

- New lunchtime rota to ensure more staff are outside at lunch/hand over times.

- Review of lunchtime equipment – what else do we need?

- Sectioning of playground – football, quiet zone, games. Share plans in assembly.

- Play makers assembly to make children more aware of them and their role.

- SMT to pop outside on the playground when possible

- Enquire about a drinking fountain outside to stop children coming in/out through areas with no adult present.

I enjoy School

- ICT suite now open, all classes to have a slot.

- Lunchtime ICT club

- Check that all classes are accessing the woods at least half termly

- See if we can start a Woodland club

- Meet with catering team to discuss menu

- Talk to PTFA about large climbing equipment/trim trail for the field

Lessons are interesting and fun

- New curriculum being implemented across the school

- KS1/2 all have 2 hours of PE a week

- Acting to be incorporated into lessons e.g. hot seating, drama.

- Visitors linking to topics

- Swimming to happen in Year 5

- Feedback to teachers on each year groups opinions to make their lessons more interesting and fun


A further survey will take place in the Summer Term.