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Pupil Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

We believe it is important to develop leadership skills alongside teaching our children to become good citizens within our school community, as well as the wider community.

When we think about leaders and their qualities, it is clear to see that these are the core values we want to develop in our pupils. There are many ways that leadership is grown and developed in our pupils. 


There are a range of Leadership Opportunities available for children to participate in.

Some of these roles are elected by peers and some of these roles are through applying for the role.


For elected roles, children are asked to produce a speech and poster. This is presented to the class and the class have a secret ballot to elect their preferred candidate.


When children apply for a role, they are required to complete an application either by completing a form or by writing a letter of application. They are then interviewed and selected upon merit.

School Council Representatives  (Elected)

Each September, two children from each class are elected to be representatives on the School Council. They prepare speeches and are democratically voted in to the position by their peers. New elections take place in September. These children are responsible for deciding on a project for the year and organising activities to support this.

School council is led by Mr Moore and Miss Grimmer


House Captains (Elected)

Two Year 6 children from each House Team have been elected by the other members of the House. The children prepared speeches and were democratically voted in. They are responsible for counting the House Points throughout the year and supporting in our weekly Celebration Assembly. This year they will be further involved in organising House events and competitions.

House captains are supported by Mr Taylor


Assembly ambassadors (Apply)

Year 5 children are chosen termly to support the adults running the assemblies during that term. These children take responsibility for setting the correct example to all students, organising equipment, holding doors and using ICT.

Assembly ambassadors are supported by Mrs Barnes


Playground Buddies/Sports Leaders (Apply)

Upper Key Stage 2 children will be asked to apply and interview for the role of Playground Buddies/Sports Leaders. These children will be taking responsibility for leading sporting games at lunchtimes and playtimes. They will be trained to lead children in activities and will be responsible for refereeing and organising activities. Children will be compiling a portfolio of evidence and gain a recognised qualification by the end of the year.

Led, supported and coached by Miss Rogers and Mr Stent


Lunch Time Leaders (Apply)

Our Year 6 children come into the hall during lunch to eat their lunch alongside our Reception and  Key Stage 1 children. They act as good role models and support the development of a school community where everyone talks to, and supports, one another. They model how to line up, use manners around the table and build a sense of school cohesion across the whole school.  The Lunch Time Leaders get to choose 3 friends who they share table duties with and spend no longer than it takes to eat their dinner in the hall.

Supported by Mrs Barnes


No Outsiders (Apply)

Our No Outsiders programme supports the promotion and education of diversity and equality. Our No Outsiders representatives promote this throughout the shcool and work closely with Miss Bircham and Ms Creed to develop the programme across the two schools.

Led by Miss Bircham and Ms Creed


Eco Warriors (Elected)

Eco Warriors organise and lead activities to help make Grove more Green! They will meet half termly and plan an activity per term to raise awareness of local and national environmental issues. Children from across the school will be invited to apply through a project.

Eco warriors is led by Miss Clarke and Miss Gardener


Junior Road Safety Officers (Elected)

4 children from Year 4 are elected each year to be our JRSOs. They promote road safety and organise activities throughout the year.

Miss Wileard is the JRSO lead.


Mental Health Ambassadors (Elected)

The Active Learning Trust North Suffolk Hub have launched a joint initiative to promote children’s mental health: CHIMP (Children’s Health is Mental and Physical). Two children will liaise with Mrs Ball, promoting mental health and wellbeing.

Led by Miss Mansi


Computing Ambassadors (Apply)

Computing Ambassadors support the curricular and extra curricular computing curriculum. They also promote internet safety across the school and ensure hardware is ready for use.

Led by Mr Sandell and Mr Taylor


Librarians (Apply)

Librarians are responsible for ensuring the resources in the Library are fit for purpose. They also return books to the correct shelves and support Mrs Hough in auditing the genres and quality of the texts in our collection.

Led by Mrs Freeman and Mrs Barnes


Chicken Club Ambassadors (Apply)

We have three chickens here at Westwood. Children spend time looking after and learning about them at lunchtimes, and after school. In addition, classes regularly visit the chickens. Chicken Club Ambassadors work alongside Ms Bow to ensure the very best care is given to our feathered friends.

Led by Ms Bow


We are excited by the range and depth of leadership activities we have across the school and look forward to watching our students develop thought out the year.