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Isabella has completed a task from purple mash. She chose a country and created a power point all about it! 

Scarlett from Year 1 has really enjoyed the Zoom lessons this week. As part of the Zoom lessons, Scarlett has made The Rainbow Fish and a friendship potion, writing words and qualities that are needed to be a good friend. Super work Scarlett.


Harry from Year 1 has been very busy learning at home. He has been busy in the garden and helping around the house. Harry has decided to take pictures and make a scrapbook of his home learning!


Bella from Reception and Lacey from Year 1 have really enjoyed their Zoom sessions this week. Both of their home learning has focused on Rainbows and in Year 1 they read the story 'The Rainbow Fish'. Following on from this both Lacey and Bella made their own Rainbow Fish.


Jasmine in Year 1 has been busy baking and decorating biscuits, don't they look delicious?


Isabella in Year 3 has chosen to create a powerpoint to help with her Purple Mash learning! She has created it all about the Rainforest! Amazing work Isabella! 

Scarlett in Year 1 has been busy this morning building a den using blankets and wooden poles. She then read some stories to her fury friends in her den. 


This week, Eddie in Year 1 has been planning a trip visiting different cities in the UK. He looked at different places in an atlas, and then using string and bricks he made a map of the all the cities he decided to visit. He has also researched the different cities on Trip advisor to see what activities he could do during his visit. Super work Eddie!                                                                                                                                                               


Bobby in Year 1 has been busy this week-he has made his own rocket out of building blocks following the successful SpaceX rocket launch. Bobby has also written a letter to his nanny.


Isaac in Year 6 has been making homemade apple crumble learning to weigh and measure all the ingredients. It looks delicious, well done Isaac. 

Sophie from Year 1 has enjoyed learning about measures this week. Sophie has taken her learning outside and measured the mass of different containers. 


Reagan has completed his french homework and written a letter to Boris Johnson about saving an endangered species. 

Eddie from Year One has been very busy learning about Norwich Castle and writing down facts. Excellent researching Eddie. 


Isabella (Year 3) completed a challenge. She answered some questions about World War 2 and has really thought about her answers. To look at her beautiful work, look at the document below! Well done Isabella! 

Ben from Year One has been learning about flags and has made some of the flags using Lego. Super work Ben. 


Isabella in Year 3 has done some beautiful writing about the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb. Well done Isabella this is amazing!

As part of yesterday's Chimp Challenge, Olivia from Year 1, with her mum and dad are completing Ben Nevis which is a total of 102 steps over 5 days. Her brother Jake from Year 6 is completing Mount Everest which is a total of 478 steps over 7 days. Fantastic family effort-good luck!


Beautiful VE Day bunting made by Sophie from Year 1 and Paige from Year 5. Great work girls.


Oscar in Year 6 has completed an home learning activity from BBC Bitesize looking at inference from 3 different images. 


Reagan in Year 6 has completed this week's Science investigation and has produced a table to show his results. 
Harrison in Year 6 has been busy writing a story on his new laptop. We can't wait to read it!

Olivia from Year 1 has created some beautiful bunting to celebrate VE Day. 


Great work from Jasmine in Year 1 who has completed some Maths work on shapes and some Literacy work about rhyming words. 


Callum has been busy working on some posters and bunting for VE Day on Friday, great work Callum.
Rhea and Logan in Year 4 have been writing their own codes in preparation for VE Day celebrations on Friday.

Olivia in Year One has been busy completing some Literacy work. Olivia has matched the initial sound of each letter to a picture of the word. Well done Olivia. 


Jax in Year 4 has been working hard on his Stonehenge project, he has built it, drawn it and written a story about it. Great work Jax.

Bobby in Year 1 has been enjoying completing the daily 8 Maths challenges this morning. Great work Bobby!


Jake in Year 6 has been busy learning to make cheese straws. They look delicious!

Olivia in Year One has completed a rainbow hunt around her house. She had to look for different coloured fruits, vegetables, animals, plants and other objects and name the items that she found. This looked so much fun Olivia, well done. 


Freddie in Year 4 has grown his sunflower to 17cm already, great work Freddie.
Lots of great work from Kaysie in Year 4 this week, well done Kaysie.
Callum in Year 4 worked hard on the Geography challenge this week, great work Callum.
Rhea and Logan in Year 4 worked hard on their Geography challenges this week, great work.
Roseanna in Year 2 has been busy baking and learning at home. Well done Rosie, we are very proud of you. 
Alfie in Year 2 has been super busy! He has learnt to ride his bike and has been practising maths and literacy skills at home. 
Tyrone in Year 2 has helped his Mum count the coins in their jar. Great maths skills, well done Tyrone. 

Kalen in Year 6 has spent another morning working hard on his school work and then has been outside helping his dad to screed the cement ready to lay artificial grass.  You are learning so many great skills - well done!


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Reagan in Year 6 has completed his geography challenge Miss Daly set on Facebook. A fantastic effort finding out all about Australia. 

Eddie Year One

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What fantastic reading from Eddie in Year One. He has thoroughly enjoyed reading a variety of books whilst learning from home and particularly enjoyed reading 'Monkey Puzzle'. Eddie read with expression and used different voices for the different characters! Great work Eddie.

Well done to Olivia in Year One who has been very busy this week. Olivia has been matching and recognising the letters of the alphabet as well as recognising numbers and learning about the senses. 


Some lovely home learning taking place from Ben in Year 1 and Ryan in Year 5. They have been busy completing a range of school work, as well as baking, playing games, making shops and enjoying being outdoors in the sunshine! 






Kalen in Year 6 has had a busy morning completing all of his school work and then spent the afternoon working on a bird box with his Dad in the garden. It looks fantastic Kalen!

Huge well done to all of the scientists who took on the science challenge this week. Great investigating!

Oscar in Year 6 spent the morning making Ginger Flapjacks. He followed a Tom Kerridge recipe. The rest of his family said they were very yummy and didn't last long!

Preston from Year 5 has been doing some amazing maths and science work! Great job Preston!

Big well done to Ayron in Year 3 for taking part in the science challenge this week! I look forward to seeing many more of your shadow tube investigations and stories!

Olivia in Year One, has had a lovely morning baking biscuits with her dad. They look scrumptious Olivia, well done. 

Lacey in Year One has been very busy completing maths home learning. She has been learning about one more and one less, missing numbers and solving two times table problems. Well done Lacey. 


Kaysie was back working hard on her Daily 8s this morning having been busy creating a beautiful fairy garden over the Easter holidays. The grass has already started to grow and she is just waiting for the seeds to start to grow now. We look forward to seeing more photos, well done Kaysie.
Rhea and Logan carried out their own experiment in the garden today looking at the distance that their space hoppers could travel. After collecting their findings they presented them in a graph, great work both of you.
Isabella and her sister Fran had lots of fun over Easter! They played out in the garden and Isabella made some cupcakes all on her own, telling Fran what to do as well. They wrote to a care home, made a keyworker poster and made a birdbox! Lovely work girls! 

Wow, just look at these amazing entries to this weeks science competition. A huge well done to everyone that got involved, including Mrs Hintons son Finely. I was so impressed!

Isaac & Oliver have been making sock bunnies in preparation for Easter. Well done boys. 

Well done to Jasmine in Year 1 who has been very busy creating an Elmer Elephant using milk bottles and other crafts. 


In response to our picture news assembly this week, Halima in year 6 has sent in a beautiful poem about staying positive and happy.  Lots of wonderful things to be grateful for. Well done!
Kaysie has been completing her Daily 8 questions and Developing Experts work beautifully. What a delicious looking pizza that you have made as well Kaysie well done.
Logan and Rhea in Year 4 have been working hand on their Maths and have both taken time to thank some of our key workers. Well done both of you.
Alexia in Year 2 has been busy preparing and cooking a tasty pizza for her tea! Well done Alexia, looks delicious laugh
Kyle and Sophie have been working hard at home, busy learning on Purple Mash and completing Daily 8s. Well done! 

Bobby in Year 1 has been very busy this morning solving number problems and practising his handwriting. Well done Bobby!


Isabella (Year 3) made her own Stone Henge out of concrete fragments, built a cave, used charcoal and also ground up chalk, sand and clay to make paint for cave paintings (even insisted on using a bamboo segment for blowing charcoal dust through!), dressed her dolls in the latest Stone Age fashion and did some computer research! 

PHEW! Well Done Isabella! Incredible work! 

Wow Sophia from Year 1 has been very busy completing a wide range of home learning including; reading activities, writing activities, designing an Easter egg and completing activities on Purple Mash. Well done!


Evie from Reception has had a very busy morning completing the science investigation challenge. Well done Evie, great work!


Wallis wrote a poem about swans, after being inspired by an encounter with swans on a walk to the park. In order to move her learning further, she wanted to make a bird house for the garden, (with some help from Dad!).

Well done Wallis! 

Over the weekend, Olivia from Year 1 has been busy building and decorating a bird house. Well done Olivia.   
Oscar in Year 6 has completed a fact file about Dame Jane Goodall. Beautifully presented!
Beautiful rainbow from Kaysie in Year 4 who is now proudly displaying this in her window. Some great work on Developing Experts as well, I look forward to seeing you name on the leader board Kaysie.
Well done to Leoni in Year 2 who has been busy practising her maths skills! Leoni has been identifying and counting coins. She moved onto using different combinations of coins to make amounts. Fab job! 
Callum in Year 4 has been working hard drawing a fantastic rainbow which is now on display in his window at home. He has also been completing his tasks on purple mash telling me all about his favourite computer game along with enjoying some sunshine on his scooter. Great work Callum.

Olivia in Year 1 has been very busy practising writing the alphabet and Jake in Year 6 has been busy finding out facts about dinosaurs ready for when he becomes a paleontologist. Well done to the both of you!


Well done to Sophie from Year 1 who has completed some fantastic outdoor home learning. Sophie used her senses to describe what she could, see, hear, smell and feel whilst being outside. 


 Sophia has also been very busy outside completing some artwork, as well as Maths, Literacy and Science.      

Sophia Year One

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Well done to Sophia in Year One who has learnt a song all about washing hands.
Well done Preston in Year 5. You have been working really hard! Keep up the good work!

Fantastic work from Harrison in Year 6, Harvey in Year 2 and Evie in Year 1 who have been very busy at home; writing a report about the Coronavirus and creating posters on how to wash your hands. Well done!



Well done to Lacey in Year One who has been working very hard, practising her joined up handwriting and solving number problems. 


Jess in year 5 has been working hard on her maths, handwriting and reading and has even been decorating eggs encouraging people to stay at home! Superb work Jess keep it up!

Sophia in Year One has been very busy learning at home. She has been practising her handwriting, adding numbers as well as learning another language! She has also been writing in her diary each day. Excellent work Sophia. 

Well done to Olivia in Year One who has also been working very hard at home. 





Wow! Look at all the work Jake in Year 6 has been doing! Well done Jake. Keep up the good work! 
Lots of work and a lovely rainbow by Olivia in Year one! Well done, it's great!!
Well done Leo (Yr3) and Henry (morning N) who have been working collaboratively to build a lego house!
Amazing work Toby! You have worked really hard to try and find the answer to our Monday Maths challenge!
Lily-Rose in Year 3 has been joining in with Joe Wicks this morning. Well done Lily. It looks like tiring work!
Callum in Year 4 has been working hard on a daily diary, what fantastic handwriting. He has also been showing great resilience with his My Maths learning. Great work Callum.
Fantastic work from Rhea and Logan in Year 4 on their Stone Age project. Rhea the cave paintings look amazing and Logan great work in getting all those stones to stay in position.
Freddie in Year 4 and his brother have been busy designing an obstacle course. A great way to practise instruction writing and handwriting whilst having fun and staying active. Well done boys.
Wow, Kaysie has been working so hard at home and completed lots of fantastic guided reading and maths work. Well done Kaysie.