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Leadership of Phonics at Westwood Primary School.

Accountable: Mrs Kelly Hough and Miss Beth Jones

Responsible: Mrs Danielle Gillings

The teaching of phonics begins in the Early Years Foundation Stage and is guided by 'Jolly Phonics' and ‘Letters and Sounds’. Pupils are gradually introduced to initial sounds through modelling, repetition and playing games involving the sounds that are being focused upon. Carefully planned activities are set up to consolidate phonic learning. Once children reach Year One, phonics is taught in phases with the pupils being split into smaller groups to ensure each child’s needs are met. Pupils across Year One and Two participate in daily sessions, which allows for rigorous coverage of Phase Three to Phase Six phonics. At the end of Year One each child’s phonic knowledge is tested in a phonics screening test carried out on a one to one basis with the class teacher.