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Observation Examples

Observation Examples 


UTW - The World 

CL - Understanding 


Nellie looks closely at the sunflowers in the garden. She notices holes in the leaves, "look at all of them!" I ask how she thinks the holes have got there and she explains "a slug has eaten them...or could be caterpillar". I asked what has happened to the sunflower and Nellie tells me "its dieded now". When I ask why it has died she replies "it not had enough water". Nellie could tell me that it grows from a "seed". She said "my sunflower at nanny hasn't dieded, Grandad gives it lots of water to grow big".


NS - To look at similarities and differences.



Maths – Number 


Evie's friend has made her a cake with 'candles', her friend said there were four candles but there was only three. I asked Evie how many would she need to make four? Evie replied “we need to add one more” so she placed another 'candle' on the cake. She then said "one more will be five, one more is six, one more seven". Evie was then able to find one more than given numbers up to 10.


NS- To find one less than a given number.