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No Outsiders!

Our School Ethos - there are no outsiders!

How we will achieve this ethos

  • Shared voice and language 

  • Weekly assemblies 

  • Half termly lessons - linked to literature 

  • Displays 

  • Praise and sanction 

  • All stakeholders buying into this

  • High profile


Why is this ethos so important?  

Our children leave us destined for the workplace, for a role in modern Britain. We want our children to champion inclusion and celebrate diversity. To feel that they never are an outsider and to welcome all that they meet. We believe that no one is  born to hate - it is learnt - we need to teach another lesson to spread love and  show love.


The public sector equality act duty came into force across Great Britain on April 2011 - it means that public bodies have to consider all individuals when carrying out their day to day work - in shaping policy, in delivering services and in relation to their own employees. 

Due regard to the need to eliminate discrimination 

Advance equality of opportunity 

Foster good relations between different people

Long term plan - linked to PSHE units