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Key Stage 1 Enquiry Based Learning

In Key Stage One, topics in all subjects are carefully chosen and planned to ensure that we provide a variety of experiences for pupils to acquire, develop and apply a range of knowledge, skills and understanding from across the curriculum.  Most subjects are taught discretely but cross -curricular links are utilised when appropriate.


In the early months of KS1, a more continuous provision approach to the delivery of learning is used in order for a successful transition from EYFS. This then transforms throughout the two years in order to prepare children for more formal learning in KS2. 

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The Water Challenge

Children chose to investigate the plastic tubing, they started to notice the water moving and wanted to make it come out at the end.


Challenge: Can you make the water move?

Learning objective: To observe water and investigate how to make it move.



The children looked closely at the water moving through the tube. They noticed that the water is getting stuck in the tube and they could not get it to travel up hill. They decided to use a bigger jug and a bigger funnel. Soon the children noticed that if you hold the funnel up high the water moves quicker and comes out of the other end.


Next Steps

The children then used a sand timer to move as much water as possible in 3 mins. They then had to measure the amount of water that they had moved using the available resources.