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Holes by Louis Sachar


As so many of our Year 5 & 6 children have enjoyed reading 'Holes' in class and desperately wanted to get to the end, the Year 6 team have come up with an exciting way to finish the book with you. Over the coming weeks we will be recording readings of each chapter for you to either sit back and enjoy or read along with us (a copy can be found above). We will also be setting mini challenges relating to each chapter.  We will be starting at Chapter 25 so if you're not quite up to date be sure to catch us up ready for our first video. 

Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 Challenge - Create a recipe of your very own weird and wonderful medicine. Think carefully about what it can cure, the ingredients you could use, what it might look like or smell like and how to use it. Once you've drawn or written about your medicine, send it into school via email so we can share it.

Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 Challenge - Create a wanted poster for one of the characters in this chapter. It could be Kissin' Kate Barlow. It could be Sam the onion man. It could be the Sheriff. You need to include what there crime was, how they will punished and how much of a reward to offer. Remember to send it into school via email once you have created it so we can share it.