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Early Years

We have had lots of wonderful learning at home uploads to EExAT already.


Please keep sharing your learning with us 😊 here is some of what has been shared with us so far, well done everyone! It’s great to see you working so hard and having fun too.

Lovely work Fran! Your pictures have such great detail in them!
Martha has thought about what she would like to include on her broom linking to the story 'Room on the Broom'.
Fran has been working very hard with halving numbers. Great work Fran!

Great shopping list for your smoothie Nilay - that would be delicious! 

Wow, what brilliant brooms! Very creative :) 

Great potions Arson and Leni! Well done for having a go at creating your own.

Well done Fran and Nilay for writing some words/a caption containing our new digraph /er/. 

This is brilliant Emily, well done for making your very own witch! How resourceful of you.

Great halving of both objects and amounts Nilay - well done :) 

Nilay has collected and shown her great writing labelling her items she found in the woods.
Evie has made this wonderful family tree!
Leni has been so kind and understanding whilst playing games with her nanny. What an amazing relationship bumblebee!
It was so lovely to see our friend Harley upload to eexat this week! He has reflected on his time at reception and made a picture with some writing that he is most proud of his writing!
On zoom this week we have been reading the story 'Room on the Broom' and Martha has made her very on witches broom! Well done Martha!
Aria has been exploring music with her keyboard, keep practising! 

Wonderful writing and picture of a monkey Martha! 

What a brilliant family picture Henry! 

Well done for recording what 3D shapes you found Nilay - great job! 

Wonderful reflections Evie, we’re very proud of you too. 

Your cake looks delicious Martha! 

Fran has been very busy completing lots of work linking to the 'Super worm' story!
Lovely family picture Arson! So much detail and colour!
Lovely family portrait Emily!
Lovely family picture Tegan!
Keep up all the good work Nilay!
Super maths work Fran!
WOW! what a wonderful find Martha.
Amazing follow up learning Evie!
A wonderful picture of a Monkey Arson!
Lovely to see you keeping so active . Well Done!
A great representation of social distancing from Tegan.
A lovely way to make number bonds. Well done Fran and Granny!
Martha keeping active and busy in the sunshine.
Nilay being resourceful and work hard.
Eligh enjoying playdough in the garden.
Great work Fran, a lovely phonics game.
Well done, Fran!
Wow Martha, this looks great and I can see your happy with your result!
Evie has been playing dominoes at home and enjoying matching the numbers and counting the dots! We have been doing lots of counting and adding in our zoom sessions so it is wonderful to see Evie carrying that on at home. Well done, Evie!
Well done Martha, this is great!

Well done for completing the Zoom challenge Leni and Arson! Your drawings are brilliant. 

Well done for adding single digit numbers Evie - great Maths work. 

This looks like lots of fun Stanley! 

Great writing Evie, well done for completing the Phonics zoom challenge. 

Great number formation Henry, well done! 

It really does look delicious Henry! 

Well done for being resilient Leni! 

After our zoom session this morning looking into the digraphs oo and oa Evie wastes no time writing a sentence with both sounds in ! Well done Evie ! :) 
Leni has also been exploring the story of The Gruffalo and has made her own puppets! 
Louis has been practising his letter formations starting with the letter A ! 
Wow this looks great Fran ! Such a good idea :) 
Martha has been exploring the story of The Gruffalo sand has made her own headband ! Doesn’t it look great!? 

Wow Stanley, your foxes and snakes are great!

Brilliant writing Fran - well done :) 

Your gruffalo crumble looks delicious Kira! 

What a wonderful hat Leni! 

What a wonderful drawing and writing Evelyn.

Wow Evie, that’s a great wishing well! Well done for naming the shapes too. 

Well done Bella! 

Great Gruffalo, Arson! 

Great job Fran, and well done for also finding some hexagons! 

Arson has made a Gruffalo following this weeks theme from a pinecone. Great job Arson, well done for being so creative! 

Leni has got stuck into this weeks nursery theme- The Gruffalo. Your gruffalo crumble cakes look great!


Great owl Martha, brilliant writing too!!


Following this weeks theme in nursery Henry made his own Gruffalo mask!

A child in reception has been practising their letter formation. 



Leni has given her fairy garden a revamp! Great job Leni, it looks amazing!




Francesca has been busy making shape creatures and counting the edges and corners of shapes. They look great Francesca- well done! 

Martha made a wonderful rainbow pizza.
Martha has been very creative making a rainbow pizza using different toppings. Well done Martha!
Fran has done a super job of creating her own natural number line using flowers.

Fran read "Doctor Duck" which contained the sounds "ch" and "qu", two of the sounds that were looked at in her Monday phonics zoom session! Fran read the book fluently and sounded out the words she had trouble reading. Well done, Fran!

After a zoom session on shape, Arson created his own shape picture of a house and a ice cream.
Following our zoom sessions, Marnie has continued the rainbow theme by writing fruits that share the same colours in a rainbow. This is great work Marnie!
Fran has been creative when making words, using her velcro monkeys. Super work Fran!
Henry has completed a rainbow experiment, describing all the colours he could see.

Wonderful shape pictures Martha and Reggie! Well done for making these after our zoom session. 

Your pirate ship is amazing! Well done Leni. 

Great rainbow Aria - well done! 

Wow Brooke, your sunflower is getting very tall! 

This is great Louis, well done! 

After our zoom session this morning Samira went away and thought of her own sentence to go with the sound qu and ch. Samira writes ‘The chick quacked’! 
Evie has also been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. Evie has used her ict skills to look online at the different stages and then made her own diagram. 
Fran has been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and acted out each stage! She’s also practised her writing by adding a label to each stage.
Marnie has been super busy over the last week! She’s been getting creative with hair colour, play dough, painting, board games and even tattoos! 
Kira has used cut outs from a magazine to create some different faces! She has explored unhappy faces, silly faces and happy faces!
Emily has been getting creative giving her big brother a make over ! 
Eligh enjoyed a lovely walk with family whilst on the look out for different animals and fairy houses he could spot!
Arson has been exploring what happens when you put flowers in water and freeze them. He has been exploring the textures, colours and talking about how it feels!
Henry has made his very own nature box maze from finding objects in his garden!
Evelyn has been a super helper working with her dad in the garden! She has been brave using lots of different tools!
Leni from Nursery has been feeling super brave riding her scooter up and down the skate park ramps!
Marnie has been getting creative with junk modelling! With items she found around the house Marnie has begun creating her very own dolls house.
Aria-Rose from Nursery has been busy bug hunting! I wonder what she found?
Evie has been busy with lots of different home learning. She has been writing letter, measuring her sunflowers and being creative with arts and crafts.
Stanley enjoyed making sausage rolls for the first time.
Evelyn enjoyed a visit to a family farm to see the pigs and ride on a tractor.
During Half term, Marnie enjoyed the lava lamp experiment.
Fran made a family of Mini me's and completed learning about the human body.
Martha has enjoyed lots of different home learning over the half term.
Aria has shown an interest in letters and sounds on road signs on her walks out. Lovely Aria :)
Wow Marnie you have been super busy! It looks like you have been making the most of the sunshine, making lovely memories with your family. 
You've been busy Evie! Lovely work :) 
That's lovely Evelyn! Thank you for joining us it was so lovely to see you!

Great segmenting and writing of ‘ch’ words Fran, well done! 

What a fun game for letter recognition, well done Stanley! 

Well done for being so helpful Bella!

Inspired by our Reception class zoom session on numbers, Evie hosted a session for her cousins to participate in. She has also been trying to read the names of sea creatures, whilst playing a game.
Arson has been making spiders by carefully cutting out cardboard tubes.
Tegan has been investigating germs and what happens if we do not wash our hands. Super work Tegan!
Marnie has been applying her phonics knowledge when writing letters.
Marnie is continuing to have fun at home learning and enjoyed taking part in our Reception Zoom bingo session.
Evie is continuing to observe how her crystals are growing.
Stanley enjoyed time at the beach skipping stones and ordering them in size.
It is great to see Fran using ICT at home to enhance learning and also to see her take part in the Reception zoom bingo session.
Tegan-Iris has been keeping us upto date with the eggs she is looking after and noticing this week that there was movement inside them.
It was lovely to receive this letter from Samira.
Lots of Maths learning happening in Martha's house.
Logan enjoyed a family game of Snakes and Ladders, recognising all the numbers on the dice. 
Leni has enjoyed learning about the lifecycle of a caterpillar to butterfly.
Leni is continuing to do lots of lovely learning at home.
Aria-Rose has been enjoying baking  and making moonsand. 
Fran has been doing a variety of lots of different learning. 
Henry has been measuring ingredients to make yummy brownies.
Henry has been doing lots of working this week using his new work book.
Harry has been very busy helping Daddy with DIY and has been very much enjoying it. Great work Harry, you're gaining so many life skills!
Emily has turned into a little star baker! Well done Emily that all looks delicious! 
Jacob's sunflower has grown so much that it is measuring at 47cm!! He's very proud of it! Well done Jacob! 
Emily has been getting very crafty!
Marnie has been busy carrying out science experiments!
Emily and Tegan have been carrying out interactive ballet and tap sessions through zoom meetings! Lovely girls!

Wow Leni, you have been very busy! They’re great pictures of everything you found on your bug hunt and the hungry caterpillar. 

Well done Stanley, it’s growing nicely now. Keep measuring to see the progress! 

Wonderful paintings Caleb - well done! 

Great work Evelyn - your drawings are fantastic! 

Well done for completing Miss Gardener’s Facebook challenge Martha. Great necklace! 

Well done for being so helpful Eligh. Good luck with the potty training! 

Brilliant counting and number formation Arson! 

Marnie has been very busy spending time with her mum and having a picnic celebrating VE day. It is great to see Marnie still taking part in her ballet and musical theatre classes too. Keep up the amazing work Marnie!
Evie has been making the most of using natural resources to create something new. Also she has been completing some maths work, by ordering numbers and measuring the distance that paper aeroplanes will fly.
Well done Bella, keep going with this fabulous work!
This is super writing Evie!
Tegan has been enjoying some early maths and writing work 
Marnie is continuing to learn her phonics.
Aria has enjoyed the story of the very hungry caterpillar and learning the lifecyle of a caterpillar to butterfly.
Martha has been doing lots of interesting things including learning about VE day.
Evie has been learning how to order numbers 1-20 in different ways.
Tegan has been looking after duck eggs and cant wait to see the ducklings.
Leni has been busy exploring and learning both inside and outside.
Aria made a caterpillar cake!
Emily has been exploring lots of different activities.
Fran has enjoyed lots of learning about VE day aswell as reading.
Marnie enjoyed an outside scavenger hunt.
Stanley has been practising his baking.
Henry enjoyed making a VE day picnic from playdough.
Marnie has enjoyed making things for VE day and celebrating the occasion. 
Marnie has enjoyed lots of learning over the weekend.
Nelly painted and made a pasta necklace.
Arson has been doing lots of learning both inside and outside.
Bella wrote a letter back to Miss Saunders.
It's lovely to see you doing lots of phonics work Marnie.
Well done Bella for matching numeral and quantity!
We love your pasta necklace and musical instruments Leni. Keep up the good work !
Wow, look at that den Stanley!
It is lovely to see that you are recapping some of the digraphs we have learnt. Keep up the good work Evie!

Wow Aria, you’ve been very busy having fun and learning at home. 

Well done Henry, lovely to see you doing some yoga! 

It looks like you had fun on your nature hunt Marnie :) great reading and writing too. 

Great team work with your brother and sister to build a fort Eligh - well done :) 

Thank you for writing back to us Oakley, we hope you had a brilliant birthday! 

Some lovely science experiments here Fran. Your writing is wonderful too!

Thank you for your letters Evelyn! Lovely writing!
Lovely work Marnie! :)
That's so lovely Evie! I'm sure Gran will love it!
Marnie has been busy carrying out many activities across a range of areas of learning. Well done Marnie, I can't wait to see the rest of your book!
Evie has been busy on bitesize on the computer. Well done Evie!
Lovely work Evelyn!
Eligh has been making cheese straws. They look delicious! 
Marnie independently ordered the numbers 1-100 which had been jumbled in a random order. Marnie has also been helping to make cheesecake for her family.
Leni has been busy taking part in the rainbow trail around her home and working with her Daddy to make a pink castle from junk modelling. 
Fran has been applying her phonics with fantastic writing!
Well done Evie on her fantastic experiment. Evie successfully grew crystals from salt!

Evie has been busy making yummy honeycomb and watching the chemical reactions as it cooks! 

Evie has also been busing measuring using a ruler to draw an accurate square. 

Martha helped to bake a cake for her grandparents.
Marnie has been very creative, carefully painting rocks and making symmetrical patterns on paper.

Martha enjoyed a shape hunt around her house, she found triangles, circles and squares.


Brooke and Louis have been doing lots of learning at home, from completing jigsaws independently to washing toys to keep them clean. Great team work!

Lots of wonderful home learning Louis, well done! 

Wonderful Maths and gardening Brooke - we can’t wait to see how tall your sunflower grows! 

What a lovely activity Nellie, well done for getting your hands in. 

Wow Evelyn, you have been very busy learning at home and having lots of fun too. You’re showing great resilience too with hula hooping, running and using your sounds - well done! 

Great job Martha - well done! 

Great use of recyclable materials Evie, your robot and church are amazing - great attention to detail with the church particularly. Well done for completing the shape hunt and tallying to record your findings. Your sunflower is growing nicely too! 

Great job, Stanley! Your fudge looks delicious. 

Marnie has been busy going on a scavenger hunt for shapes around her house! Great work Marnie!
Martha has also been on a scavenger hunt around her house! She had a list of shapes and a list of items to find. Well done Martha!
Wow Bella, you have certainly been busy. Keep up the fabulous home learning. 
Well done Aria, your cake looks delicious!
Keep up the good learning Fran!
Well done for being so careful when baking Evie, maybe when we next see you, you can bring some goodies for us to try!
Wow Leni, you are keeping very busy and we love your alien!
Sounds like you have been super busy Marnie, well done on your maths work!

It’s lovely to see you enjoying exercise outdoors Hendrix! 

Excellent work Evie! We are so proud of all of your home learning. 

Well done Emily! We hope you had fun at your cinema :) 

How interesting Evie! Well done for taking good care of them.

Lovely science experiment Stanley! How kind of you being helpful at home too. 

Great idea Martha, can’t wait to see your sunflower grow. 

Logan has been using his alphabet poster to learn the letter sounds. Well done Logan for recognising all the sounds in your name.
Leni has been enjoying the sunshine in her garden and trying out lots of new art activities. 
Arson has been busy baking yummy cookies!
Fran has been busy practising wording building and letter formation, as well as getting creative and making a fire engine for her barbies!
Martha has been busy helping out around the house and exploring drawing shadows in the garden.
What a lovely surprise Tegan had, when her rabbit had babies!
Jeanie has been busy practising writing her name and has been looking after her babies in her play shed. Love Jeanie! 
Marnie has been busy helping make dessert for her family whilst making patterns with fruit. They look delicious Marnie!
Marnie has been busy carrying out phonics and maths games. Great work Marnie!
Leni has been very busy carrying out many activities across a range of learning. It looks like you're having so much fun Leni! 
Evie has been very busy carrying out a range of activities across lots of areas of learning. Keep up the good work Evie!
This is amazing Martha, I wonder if your beating Miss Clarke? 
This is really kind and thoughtful Fran, what an excellent role model you are for others.
Super scientific work Evie, look at those colours! Keep going with all the science experiments.
We loved your songs Marnie, especially about the flowers!
This is super work Leni! You have had a very busy Easter, keep up the good work. 

It’s lovely to see you working so well with your brother Emily. 

You should be very proud Tegan, that’s wonderful writing! Great job! Well done for counting to 30 too, that’s brilliant.

Your slime looks super stretchy Martha! Well done for being resilient with your writing, hard work pays off - excellent writing! 

We love your car and wand Marnie! How kind and lovely of you to make a wand for that reason. 

What a good Lego challenge and well done for completing it independently Emily! Your necklace is very pretty and what super counting you did too. 

Wow Darcey, you have been very busy at home! Fabulous learning across so many areas, well done. 

Super number and Phonics work Evie, keep up the hard work! 

Lovely finger painting Henry, I bet you know lots about the different dinosaurs. 

You can see that one Reception child’s plants are starting to grow, soon you’ll be able to measure them. Thank you for our letter back too :) 

Amazing work Marnie. Great ordering of numbers and using your Phonics knowledge. Lovely patterns too! Well done for working hard on your spellings. 

Brilliant work, across so many areas of learning, Aria-Rose. It sounds like you’re having lots of fun at home! Keep enjoying yourself and staying safe. 

Evie has been learning to tell the time at home and made her own clock to help her do so!
Marnie has been doing some fantastic learning at home including number skills and cooking!

Big well done to Evie that has had a go at this weeks science shadow tube challenge! Great investigation skills Evie!

Marnie used chalks to colour the bricks of her house to look like a rainbow and send a positive message to all that walked by.
Fran has been busy using her number skills in lots of different ways to record her learning.
Stanley has been busy carrying out a science experiment for making a lava lamp.
Arson made a flower picture by breaking up a pinecone he found then wrote his name at the bottom of his picture independently. 
Responding to a letter he received, Stanley made a pizza themed clock using his number knowledge, creativity and mark making skills. Great job Stanley! 
Fran has been very busy participating in a range of learning across lots of areas. Well done Fran! What a lovely idea to write a letter to the residents at the care home. That is so kind of you and a great example of writing for a purpose!
Emily has been very imaginative and creative when telling her own story and drawing her own illustrations. Great work Emily what a lovely story! 
Martha and her sister have been busy participating in Easter craft, making Easter bunnies out of recycled toilet roll tubes. Lovely team work Martha!
Marnie has been busy getting creative with recycled items. She also played the drums on pots and pans by following a given pattern of shapes to follow. What a lovely game Marnie! 
Evie has been participating in a range of learning across lots of areas. She has shown lots of interest in marking making and phonics activities. Evie has also been cheering up her neighbours with her lovely window display! Great work Evie!

Alex has been enjoying activities across several areas of learning. He has been doing some yoga and using a VTech console and apps to learn different things too. 

Well done Nellie! What a great thing to do whilst out for a walk. 

Wow Emily! You have been very busy learning at home - what a range of activities and areas of learning you have covered - well done. 

Well done Arson! Brilliant control when cutting and naming of shapes. 

Excellent Number work Evie, well done! 

Well done Leni, it looks like you’ve been having lots of fun learning at home. 

More wonderful and creative learning at home, great job Evie. Your instructions for salt dough were really clear! 

Your bubble experiment looks like lots of fun Marnie - great instructions too! Great to see you went on a listening walk! 

Wow Fran, you’ve been very creative! What brilliant flower art and great writing with your drawing. 

Brilliant Marnie
Super job Henry
Well done Evie, you have completed a lot of activities this week!
Fran has been very busy. It's so lovely to see you having so much fun!
This is lovely Evie!

Jeanie and her sister created their own Bog baby's today and made them a bed from leaves. 

Evelyn has been practising her football skills with her Daddy.
That den looks lovely and cosy Evie!
Marnie has been busy carrying out activities across different areas of learning. 
A child in Reception has been busy planting at home and has been using a ruler to measure the growth of the plant. They have also put rainbows up in their window to cheer up the people in their community. 
Logan has been getting creative whilst painting and colouring!
Leni has been busy carrying out activities across different areas of learning. Lovely work Leni!
Marnie has been very active, with her PE and dance. She has also been looking around her house for things that are ‘heavier and lighter’
Evie has been very busy completing some of the learning at home! Den building, science, ICT and phonics. This is fab Evie, well done!
This is great Evelyn
Martha has been busy working on a range of areas of learning. Great work Martha! 
Jeanie has been helping to paint the shed in her garden and has also been completing puzzles and making her own bookmark. Well done Jeanie!
Super instructions Fran!
'Eggcelent' Easter bonnet hat Ella
Good building Stanley
Good adding and subtracting numbers up to 20
keep us updated on the progress Bella
Super job Mira!
Keep writing Arson

Well done Marnie, that is beautiful writing and excellent adding and subtracting! 

What a lovely idea to make a scrapbook during this time Leni. Well done for helping Mummy and Daddy and following instructions to make Nath bombs too. 

Lovely to see you getting involved with some of the Facebook challenges Fran. We love your dragonfly! 

Evie we are so proud of your dedication to learning at home, keep up the fab work! Your tree is brilliant, very realistic. 

Well done for continuing the patterns Aria-Rose. I wonder if you can use objects from around your home to create your own pattern? 

Great science experiments Evie, it looks like you’re having lots of fun learning at home. We can’t wait to see what happens next. 

Your banana loaf looks delicious Stanley. Well done for weighing out the ingredients and applying your knowledge of numbers. 

Someone in Reception has been practising spelling tricky words - great first try! Keep up the hard work. 

Wow Tegan, what exciting science experiments. Keep up the wonderful work :) 

A Reception child has been showing their independence by making breakfast and lunch for themselves and their family! 
Stanley has been creative building a Thunderbird. To help a friend build one he helped his Mummy make a list of the parts and shapes he needed. Stanley also counted the parts he used and practised his number formation by having a go at writing the numbers. That looks great Stanley! 
Evie has been practising her phonics and letter formation by writing a letter to her Gran. I bet Gran will love her letter Evie!
Henry drew a rainbow to put up in his window to cheer up the people in his community. Lovely Henry! 
Marnie followed instructions and a recipe to make her own playdough. Marnie chose to add purple paint to it. Have fun playing with your playdough Marnie! 
Fran has been carrying out a range of maths activities. She has been counting, sorting, comparing and catergorising her fairy doughnuts and also measuring her new veg patch. Great work Fran you've been very busy! 
Marnie has been very busy learning across many areas of learning. Great job Marnie, keep up the super learning at home 😊
Aria has been practising her number recognition skills and was able to recognise numbers up to 20. Aria then took on the challenge of putting these numbers in order. Aria was able to put all numbers in order up to 20. Well done Aria! 
Evie has helped her Mummy make chocolate crunch today, following instructions and a recipe. That looks delicious Evie, enjoy!

Henry has been learning about counting and number recognition in a pizza game. When Henry correctly recognised numbers he was able to put an item on the scales. What a lovely game Henry!

A child in Reception has been busy identifying items in their house that begin with the initial sound 'A'. They also made up a story about a little eight legged friend they found! 
Oakley has drawn and decorated a rainbow to put on display to cheer people up in his community. Lovely Oakley! 
Fran has been very busy practising her phonics by playing a matching game and reading books. She has also been making her own snacks and collecting items from the garden to make a small world bowl. Great work Fran! 
Evie has been busy exploring the outdoors and sunshine! During her outing Evie spotted some numbers. Evie also challenged herself to look out of items that began with the sound 'S'. What a lovely idea Evie! 
Tegan has been practising her mark making and letter formation. Well done Tegan! 

Marie has been doing P.E with Joe Wicks with her Mummy, burning off some energy. She also took on one of our hand gym challenges of how many elastic bands can be put around a tin in one minute. Well done Marnie! How many did you get around the tin?

Harry has been learning about the life cycle of a frog by observing the growth of the frogspawn in his pond at home. He has also been following instructions when completing a work book. Well done Harry keep us updated with the frogspawn!
Evelyn has been very busy practising her phonic knowledge. She has been sorting objects by their initial sounds and has also been practising her letter formation. Well done Evelyn! 
Ella has been working hard on a range of number sentences. She made her own hands so she could press the fingers down to help her complete them. What a good idea, well done Ella!

Marnie has been sorting and grouping her arts and crafts stuff. She also put some in size order and used them to do some subtractions. Marnie has also been practising her spellings, going on Phonics hunts around the room and reading regularly. Super work Marnie! ⭐️

Leni has been very busy learning across many areas of learning. Great job Leni, keep up the super learning at home 😊

Bella worked with her family to bake cakes. She followed instructions well to make these tasty treats! Great work Bella! 

Emily has been practising hearing, saying and writing initial sounds, focusing on her letter formation. She has also been counting objects and joining in with Joe Wicks’ PE sessions. Fab work Emily! 

Ashton has been practising writing his name at home, it is clear to read! Great job Ashton. 

Great listening and following of instructions to make some delicious cupcakes Logan, well done! 

Evie had a go at Miss Gardener’s Maths challenge, great job Evie. 

Evelyn has been a relationship bumblebee helping her little sister make cakes. She has also done some amazing writing! Great letter and number formation Evelyn. 

Aria-Rose has been creating lots of beautiful rainbows for a local rainbow trail to spread the happiness 😊🌈

Another great example of siblings working together. Fab constructing for a purpose Henry (and Leo), it’s a brilliant house. 

Marnie in Nursery has collected natural objects from a walk and made a picture with them, created a rainbow for the rainbow trail, been drawing pictures and giving meaning and also writing words too. She even counted how many bikes and red cars she saw on a walk. Amazing learning Marnie! 

Tegan has noticed that brown leaves are starting to turn green and there is now blossom on the trees. She has also been practising her number formation - well done Tegan! 

Eligh has been following instructions to make biscuits at home, great listening Eligh! 

Evie has been very busy learning at home doing a range of activities including yoga, writing a birthday card for her Nanny, joining in with Joe Wicks’ PE sessions and writing simple words using her sound mat to help. Great learning across many areas of learning Evie! 

Darcey has been using buttons to practise adding two numbers together. What super Maths work! 

Another Reception child has also been learning across the EYFS curriculum doing activities including making pancakes to follow instructions, getting creative with junk modelling, discussing similarities and differences, helping to make his lunch and finding objects beginning with ‘a’ and writing a list of them. Fabulous learning! 

Marnie has also been busy practising her writing at home, using her Phonics knowledge. Marnie has been playing eye spy whilst out on walks and has been doing lots of reading - looking out for phase 2 and 3 phonemes. Wonderful work Marnie! 

Bella has been busy doing some addition, using her fingers to help her work out the answer. Well done Bella!