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Chicken Club 2020 - 2021

April 2021

Our hens have settled back into Westwood life after their very own 'Bird Flu' flock down.  After such a long time, it's been truly wonderful to see the children outside together once again and for Chicken Club to be able to recommence.


Week One

This week in the garden, we spoke about the importance of good hygiene around animals. The children worked together to help muck out and clean the coop.





Week Two

In Chicken Club this week, we spoke about the importance of keeping our hens safe from predators.  There were lots of hen hugs, stories and some of the children have started a little bit of chicken training!







Week Three


The children are beginning to have a good understanding of the jobs that must be done in order to look after our hens, they are very keen to get the 'jobs' done before they settle to play with and relax in the company of each other and the hens. 

This week we have been observing the hens to find out which fruit they prefer. Grapes seem to come out on top!























Week 4

Rosie the hen is feeling broody and isn't very willing to come off of the nesting box.  We want to keep an eye on how many eggs are bring laid each day to check that she is still laying. Sometimes when a hen becomes broody they stop laying.

This week at club we introduced the children to the egg collecting chart, everyday we will keep a close eye on how many eggs are being laid to check that we collect 3 .