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Leadership of Art and Design at Westwood Primary School.

Accountable: Miss Melissa Thacker and Miss Sophie Clarke

Responsible: Mrs Rachel Kounnas, Miss Hollie Lynes

The Art Curriculum falls under the Creative Learning Curriculum Pillar. The Art Curriculum has 4 unique pillars of its own which underpins learning and teaching in this subject. 

Curriculum Intent


At Westwood Primary school we value Art and Design and the opportunities that it provides for our children to be creative and to express themselves. This is a key part of the children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. 


Children will be given a range of experiences including; drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, textiles and 3D. As children progress through the school, the art curriculum allows them to build upon prior knowledge and skills, giving them opportunities to apply them to a new context. 


Through hands on experiences we aim to create a love of art in which children as artists are inspired by famous artists, have opportunities to develop techniques using a range of mediums and can reflect and evaluate their work. 




Curriculum Implementation


At Westwood, Art and Design is a fundamental part of teaching and learning and is taught from EYFS to Year 6. Children in the Early Years are encouraged to be creative, use their imaginations and explore using a range of media and materials. We use the Suffolk Art Scheme alongside the National Curriculum to support our planning and teaching of Art and Design in Year 1-6. 


Art and Design is taught on a half termly basis which alternates with Design and Technology. In addition to art lessons, children are also given the opportunity to develop and apply their art knowledge and skills during Woodland sessions and Art Club.

Curriculum Impact


Our vision is to foster in children a love of Art and develop creativity. Pupil voice is an important part of our assessment allowing us to continually reflect upon our Arts curriculum and our offer of extra-curricular activities.


Formative assessment is used to move children’s learning forward in Art and to inform next steps. Summative assessments take place on a termly basis and attainment is tracked against National Curriculum expectations. Children in the Early Years are assessed using Target Tracker monthly milestones for Expressive Art and Design.



Art displayed around the school