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Attendance this year has been much improved. The attendance figure for 2016/2017 is 95.6%.


The national expectation is 96%.


Thank you so much for supporting your child and our school. However, please do not give up.


Each week we publish the amount of lost learning hours and display it in the front office. Some weeks the number of lost learning hours is shockingly high! That means that some of our children are missing out on learning which is seriously affecting their progress and attainment. As we know, some children are missing big chunks of learning and may never catch up!


The other serious issue for our school is punctuality. A small number of children are late every day or a few times a week. Again this means that the children are missing out. For example, in some classes children are taught to read from 8.45am and if your child is late, they are missing their reading session. If they are late everyday, they are missing their reading session everyday.


We are rewarding good attendance and good punctuality in various ways including a forthcoming Assembly for parents to attend as well as Class Breakfast with the teachers! Year 6 and Year 3 have enjoyed breakfast so far!


We need your support!